Hiding Text This might seem like an easy way of getting text, such as extra keywords, onto your pages without cluttering them in the eyes of visitors. 2. 1. But are the rules about what's black hat’ and what's white hat’ always clearly defined? Well yes and no. 3. So, with a view to protecting your interests, and ultimately benefiting you in terms of website optimisation, what are some black hat methods you should avoid? Unethical Practices Covered By Black Hat SEO: 1. As with other black hat SEO techniques, it basically makes for a poor-quality site and as such is entirely counterproductive when it comes to SEO. Put simply, they are highly annoying methods and no discerning website designer would consider their inclusion these days. Many will offer you a free SEO analysis, so why not take advantage of that. It would be difficult to claim ignorance if caught practising this form of deceit. Keywords are one of your best friends when it comes to SEO, so don’t make an enemy of them by being reckless. There are harsh penalties for keyword overuse these days and so, as we've explained, you need to be careful. 2. So, instead of dwelling on the negative, let’s end with some good white hat practises you can use. Keep introducing fresh and original material in the form of a blog, for example. We've gathered some black hat methods together so that you'll see them for what they are if you come across them. One might well wonder how much more serious a punishment could be for a business trying to succeed on the web.

Let's face it, most of you know right from wrong, and we make our own informed choices about how we behave, in the world of Internet business as in others.rest assured that the consequences of employing tactics listed here as black hat could be severe. It’s good to be aware of some of these basic white hat principles of SEO, whether you decide to use a Straw Hat professional search engine optimization agency or not. Masking Presenting one set of pages to a visitor and another to search engine spiders is one of the most obviously underhand black hat practises. Keep your site user friendly. Overfilling Pages with Keywords This is something to be avoided for many reasons. Also, search engines may well penalise you for its inclusion as they increasingly scan for this black hat technique. Be advised that there are others and that none of those will bring you any benefits in the long term either. On top of lowering standards, using cookies and redirects will do nothing for your ranking on search engine result pages and any reputable search engine optimization company would tell you to avoid them like the plague. Spend at least half an hour every day looking at ways you can benefit your pages in terms of website optimisation. While it may be fairly easy to achieve, by simply including text that’s the same colour as the background, you should remember that it can become visible with the click of a mouse, and as such can make your site seem cheap and shoddy.

Avoid this at all costs as increasingly sophisticated technology employed by search engines will probably catch you out. Not only this, search engines these days pay special attention to this bad practise and will recognise the overuse of keywords through the 'spider' programs they send to investigate sites. Get advice from a good search engine optimization agency. . 3. These are just some of the most common black hat tips you should avoid. 4. China Handbag wholesaler Cookies Cookies, redirects cookies and redirects are black hat techniques that need little introduction to any web user.